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Thank you so much for your care and understanding of our family pet, Lady. You all went beyond the call of duty. Lady was rescued from an abusive home at fourteen months old and we gave her the love a dog should have during her twelve years with our family. Her life ended with comfort and love. You all contributed to a comfy, smooth transition as she climbed the stairway to doggie heaven.”


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Animal Rescue Organizations

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
A non-profit organization operated exclusively by volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of life of Golden Retrievers who are neglected, abused, or abandoned. Services are also provided to owners who can no longer care for their Golden Retriever. It is our mission to provide veterinary care and loving adoptive homes for any Golden in need - no matter whether the dog is a young puppy or a senior citizen.

Paws Unite People Inc.

A non-profit, no-kill shelter 501c(3) organization located in the heart of Long Island, New York founded in 1994 by Dori Scofield. We are supported solely by public donations.

Siberian Husky Asistance & Rescue Program

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Net Prophets: Hounds On The Sound
June 12 2011 benefit for Save A Pet.
Adopt Don't Shop!

Net Prophets: Takin' It To The Streets
Hounds On The Sound 12 June 2011

General Information

Euthanasia: A Veterinarians Gift To End Suffering
Veterinarian guides a pet owner through the steps involved in humane euthanasia.

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian
Reducing the stress of veterinary visits for you and your cat.

Tripawds- A resource for owners of amputee dogs
Tripawds is your three legged dog resource and help center. This is a community of support for sharing your story and learning from others about amputation for dogs, canine osteosarcoma or other cancers, and loving life on three legs.