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Thank you so much for your care and understanding of our family pet, Lady. You all went beyond the call of duty. Lady was rescued from an abusive home at fourteen months old and we gave her the love a dog should have during her twelve years with our family. Her life ended with comfort and love. You all contributed to a comfy, smooth transition as she climbed the stairway to doggie heaven.”


Top-Quality Veterinary Care for Your Rocky Point, NY Pet

Dr. Caputo holds a very small patient at Rocky Point Animal Hospital

We know that your pet is an important member of your family. At Rocky Point Animal Hospital, we treat your pets with the same care and attention you would. Our veterinary services range from routine check-ups and comprehensive dental care to surgical procedures and advanced diagnostic blood tests.

  • Blood tests and screenings can lead to early detection of illness. Quick diagnosis leads to faster, more effective treatment.
  • Veterinary surgery featuring the latest techniques and specialized care can result in a quicker recovery for your pet.
  • Pet immunizations protect your pet from illnesses that can be life threatening.
  • Puppy and kitten care is important to give new puppies and kittens a solid start on a long, healthy life. We offer vaccinations, preventive medicine, nutrition counseling, behavior advice, and spay or neuter surgery.
  • Pet dental care, including professional teeth cleaning, benefits your pet’s overall good health and prevents illness associated with dental disease.
  • Senior pets are our long-time friends and often need specialized care and screening to ensure they live out their “golden years” in comfort. We provide testing and recommendations to detect age-related ailments before they become a source of discomfort or worse for your pet. We treat our senior patients with the special respect and dignity they deserve.

Above all, we treat you and your pet as individuals. We want to work with you to build a trusting partnership that incorporates both preventive care and treatment plans that are specifically tailored for your pet.