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Emergency Veterinary Services in Rocky Point

Fast & Effective Treatment for Serious Illness & Injury

Rocky Point Animal Hospital wants you to know that there is always someone to help you in case of an accident or a sudden illness. During business hours, call us right away at (631) 302-7454. We know how important it is to get emergency treatment for your cat, dog, or other pet right away. We will let you know what to do in order to receive emergency care. We accept patients from Rocky Point, Shoreham, Sound Beach, and the surrounding areas.

After-Hours Emergency Care

If your pet experiences an emergency outside of our business hours, we recommend this local animal emergency room:

Rocky Point Animal Hospital has an outstanding relationship with both Animal Emergency Service and East End Veterinary & Emergency Specialist Center. If you need to take your pet there in an emergency, we can provide them with information about your pet that may help to determine a diagnosis or the best course of treatment.

When to Call for Emergency Services

It can be difficult to determine whether your pet’s injury or illness is grounds for an emergency visit. As a general rule of thumb, if you are seriously concerned about your pet’s well-being, you should never hesitate to contact our emergency veterinarians in Rocky Point.

Call us if your pet:

  • Has been seriously injured (hit by a car, fell several feet, etc.)
  • Is struggling to breathe or is choking
  • Has a faint or undetectable heartbeat
  • Is unconscious
  • Is vomiting repeatedly – especially if they are vomiting blood
  • May have broken a bone
  • Is bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Has blood in their urine or feces
  • Has ingested a poisonous or toxic substance such as antifreeze, rat poison, unprescribed medication, or household cleaner
  • Is unable to urinate
  • Seems to be in extreme pain
  • Has collapsed or is immobile
  • Seems unusually disoriented
  • Is struggling to see
  • Is gagging and struggling to vomit
  • Is exhibiting the signs of heatstroke
  • Is pregnant and has gone more than three or four hours between delivering babies

Reach out to us at (631) 302-7454.


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